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Here is a list of office space in Cedar Rapids that we currently have available.
Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Here is a list of the location, size and price of the unit that we have available at this time.

Cedar Rapids, NE
(204-8 Collins Rd and 5270-5340 N.Park Pl. are located next to K-Mart East and The Play Station)
5270 North Park Pl.
     1212 sq.ft.- $657.00
     1007 sq.ft.-$630.00
5340 North Park Pl.
     568 sq.ft.- $355.00
     1285 sq.ft.- $696.00
     1515 sq.ft.- $820.00
Cedar Rapids, SW
(3343 Southgate Ct. is located just south of Perkins and Burger King on 33rd Ave.)
3343 Southgate Ct.
     418 sq.ft.- $226.00
Cedar Rapids, SE
(1953 1st Ave. is located right next to Brucemore)
1953 1st Ave.
     2084 sq.ft.- $1910.00
     1100 sq.ft.- $1010.00